Palo Alto CA

The Palo Alto Balance Center in Palo Alto, CA offers classes, workshops and private lessons in Balance and Yoga as well as a Teacher Training Program. Call for more information 650-856-2000.

Berkeley, CA: Beth Greenfield at 4th Street Yoga

Columbus,OH: Yoga on High

Petaluma, CA: Sonoma Body Balance

Santa Cruz, CA: Yoga with Laura

San Francisco CA: Posture Rebellion


Aplomb Institute

The Aplomb Institute (Institut Superieur d’Aplomb) in Paris, France is the place where it all began. Its founder, Noëlle Perez-Christiaens, is the researcher who developed the technique of Aplomb – called Balance in the US.

For workshops in Paris, see the above web site.

This year a week-long seminar will be conducted August 22 - 28 in Renazzo di Cento (Ferrare) Italy, preceeded by the opening ceremony of a museum to honor the work of Noelle Perez-Christiaens and her husband Miguel da Fonseca.

Call Thea for more information 408/489-9436.

Articles of Interest

A study of Kenyan women as they walked while carrying heavy loads. The women could carry 20% of their body weight with no additional exertion. “There wasn’t even a blip in their oxygen usage.” Improving the way humans walk the walk

YouTube Videos of interest

  • Balance in Action

The power of Balance in carrying is demonstrated in this video of loading bricks in Bangladesh.
Youtube - original stacking bricks in bangladesh (no dropping)

  • Balance is Ageless!

Watch James Cagney and Bob Hope in a great dance routine.
Youtube - Great Dance Routine: James Cagney and Bob Hope