I have participated in Thea’s adaptive balance and yoga class for more than a decade. Her methods and teaching skill have helped improve my posture and balance significantly, allowing me to continue to enjoy yoga in spite of my handicaps. Beyond the physical benefits, Thea and her students with MS have created a small community of participants that care about and enjoy each other.

Sharon Jacobs, retired Hewlett-Packard Company General Manager - Los Altos, CA

I was diagnosed with MS in 2003 and have been attending your classes since 2006. One of the most valuable lessons i have learned is greater awareness of my body and how to go inside to create relaxation and inner peace.
I have also learned how to sit correctly with a straight spine. I can sit comfortably and breathe more easily for long periods of time. I have learned so many ways to stretch my muscles to become more flexible and relieve my stiffness, from my neck to the tips of my toes. And i have learned how to make many of my daily tasks easier and more efficient, from getting up from a chair to loading the dishwasher. I am so grateful for what you have taught me and will take it with me for life.

Judy Stroud, retired Architectural Designer, Capitola, CA

What a great job you did putting your book together in such concise but well explained/illustrated format.
I have read through it and am so inspired by it I am beginning to do the exercises for myself and really starting to see spines/postures in a whole new light. I think you can be very delighted with the potential contribution your book offers for helping folks to care for their “vehicles”.

Darren Huckle, Licensed Acupuncturist and QiGong instructor - Santa Cruz, CA

Two years ago I went to a standing-room-only concert at The Fillmore in San Francisco. I had back pain for most of the evening. Two weeks ago I went to a concert at the same place and, after standing for over two hours, I had no back pain. What a fabulous improvement! I could hardly believe it!

Fran Fisher, CPA, San Jose, CA

As a physical therapist and chiropractor I can highly recommend these teachings. This approach frees the body to function according to its original design. Once the principles are understood and mastered, pain and discomfort can be greatly relieved or eliminated.

Judy Petra Eggert, D.C., P.T., Cupertino, CA

This Balanced Posture journey is definitely continuing! The ability to bend safely has been so wonderful for me! My garden gets lovelier every day and I'm now installing weed cloth and doing some digging, too. It's so interesting to me how I can go along trying and trying to shift some part of my posture or gait without success, then suddenly one day I get up and I'm walking with my weight on my heels or my feet are taking more of the kidney bean shape. Then of course, there's some backsliding but overall there's progress and my body is feeling stronger every day. It's just a wonderful practice.

Judith Kondo, gardener and potter, San Jose, CA